Liberal Democrats demand better from our transport system

The Conservatives have spent the last eight years cutting valuable services that our residents need, slashing the bus network and increasing rural isolation.  

These bus service are often used by our young adults (especially post 16) to get to school or a place of training.  Job opportunities for our young adults are greatly increased if we have a good, reasonably priced, public transport system.

Some of our older residents rely on the bus network as their primary way to getting about.  

There have also been concerned in Purbeck about the cost and reliablity of the ferry service into Poole and Bournemouth.

These cut to our public transport must stop..


Public Roads - Drain example

This drain is still just working – just! It will soon be blocked and then the road will flood.

When complaints are made, the Council will have a legal duty to unblock the drain. It may cost a lot of money but it is a Statutory Service. However, they do not have a legal duty to sweep our roads. That is being done less and less.

So for the sake of saving money in the short term, the Council is neglecting to sweep our roads, which will cost us all more in the long term. This is a parable of what is happening to local government in Dorset.




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