Nick Ireland & Cimate Change

A LibDem Government would spend £100bn tackling the Climate Emergency

Nick Ireland is you Liberal Democrat Candidate for South Dorset.  He is the leader of our 29 Dorset Coucillors

He proposed that Dorset Council declare a climate emergency, which was adopted.  He cares passionately about Green issues and works hard for the community.

'Climate change is already having an impact on our coastal communities and we need to act immediately to reduce its effect for our children and our grand-children. 

The Liberal Democrats have a proud record of taking action both locally and nationally and our commitment to achieving carbon net zero as soon as realistically possible is evident in our plans.'  Nick Ireland


  • We will set a new legally binding target to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2045 at the latest, and implement a comprehensive climate action plan, cutting emissions across all sectors
  • We aim to decarbonise the power sector completely, supporting renewables and household and community energy to create jobs and cut fossil fuel imports; our interim goal is to reach at least 80 per cent renewable electricity by 2030.
  • We will implement an emergency ten-year programme to reduce energy consumption for all buildings, cutting emissions and energy bills and ending fuel poverty.
  • We will provide support for innovation to cut energy and fossil fuel use in industrial processes. We will maximise recovery, reuse, recycling and remanufacturing, cutting resource use, waste and pollution.
  • We will protect the natural environment and reverse biodiversity loss with a Nature Act, at the same time as combatting climate change by planting 60 million trees a year.
  • We will invest in public transport, improving its reliability and affordability, reform the planning system to reduce the need to travel, encourage walking and cycling, and accelerate the transition to ultra-low-emission transport – reducing the impact of transport on the environment and improving people’s health.
  • We will enact a legal right to unpolluted air. To deliver on this, we will ensure that by 2030 every new car sold is electric, support innovation in zero-emission technologies, and reduce the climate impact of flying.
  • We will improve the railways, reform the franchising system and improve services to customers. Our plan includes freezing rail fares for commuters and season-ticket holders, extending the network, improving and re-opening stations and restoring twin-track lines.

What has Richard Drax, the Conservative candidate, done to tackle the Climate Emergency?  His voting record makes grim reading on climate issues:  he has generally voted against measures to prevent climate change.  

The Green Party’s proposal to borrow £90 bn a year for 10 years would cripple our economy and burden our children’s generation with staggering levels of national debt.

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