11,000 people have joined the Lib Dems this month

We're in the middle of a huge surge in membership! Find out more now...

People have moved from Labour, the Conservatives, Change UK and some people who have never been a member of a political party are joining us.  They want to make a real difference and take a stand!

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Vote LibDem & Stop Brexit

If you live in Dorset we need your vote on Thursday!

Polls suggest that we have secured one MEP in the South West.  The same Polls say we need a few more votes to switch another seat from the Brexit Party to the LibDems.  Remember that opinion polls are just that – expressions of opinion.  If those who wish to Remain do not bother to vote, then the polls will not tell the correct story.

Please Vote for the Biggest Remain Party - the LibDems

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EU Election Update

The Liberal Democrats are surging in the polls for the European Election.  

Looking like you might need to vote to keep out the Brexit party...

European Election Voting Intention:

BXP: 34% (+4)

LAB: 16% (-5)

LDM: 15% (+5)

GRN: 11% (+2)

CON: 10% (-3)

CHUK: 5% (-4)

Via , 8-9 May. Changes w/ 29-30 Apr.


In one of the latest polls with the largest sub-sample for the South West, the LibDem are certainly close to overtake Labour. It looks like there's a chance for to grab the sixth spot by the 23rd May.


For more about the EU Elections see here

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Local Election Results in South Dorset

Strong Local Election Results

In the first election for the new Dorset Council, the Liberal Democrats won major plaudits and a lot of wards. Candidates who had worked hard for months invariably saw a good result.

Overall, the Lib Dems secured 29 of the 82 wards. With the Independents and Greens both getting 4 and Labour 2, this left the Conservatives with a majority of just 4.

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European Elections


Vote Liberal Democrat on May 23rd to stop Brexit

Every day, more and more people are realising how important EU membership is to our country and our future.

We’ve been fighting on behalf of fellow Remainers for three years. We were the first to call for a People’s Vote and we’ve led the opposition in Parliament.

We want Britain to remain in the EU because it’s best for our economy, environment and public services.

To find out more about our candidates below:




Supporter Scheme

Liberal Democrats Supporters' Scheme

The Liberal Democrats are opening up.

We now have a registered supporters' scheme which has opened up our party to anyone who believes in a free, fair and open Britain.  If you want to help the Liberal Democrats but don't wish to be a party member, the supporters scheme is for you.

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Climate Change

CLIMATE CHANGE - opinion piece by Gillian Calvin Thomas of the Swanage LibDems.

It is said that Nero fiddled whilst watching Rome burn. Have we been turning a blind eye as our planet begins to burn? Having seen the news of extreme weathers experienced by people across the world – yes, I believe we have. To limit global warming we will need a near total renewable power system by 2050 to limit global warming to 1.5C. That is just to limit it.
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Your NHS concerns in South Dorset

Your responses to NHS concerns were gather by a recent Knock and Drop leaflet survey

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Education in South Dorset

The LibDem Team spent time talking to residents of Swanage and asked them what their main issues were.  


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