Lib Dems to create ambitious £10,000 Skills Wallet for every adult

“Supporting adult learning and working parents is key to the Liberal Democrat plan to build a brighter future.  Initiatives such as this are essential to address the social mobility blight afflicting many areas of South Dorset.”  Nick Ireland

The Liberal Democrats have set out their vision for a “new era of learning throughout life” with the creation of an ambitious Skills Wallet. This will give every adult £10,000 to spend on education and training throughout their lives.

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Tories making social care crisis even worse

Responding to the report by the IFS stating that councils will need billions of pounds in additional funding to meet the rising costs of adult social care, Nick Ireland, South Dorset Candidate in the election said:

"Dorset Council suffers disproportionally from the lack of government funding for adult social care. 

Whilst we have less 0-15yr olds than the national average, we have significantly more 65+ yr olds - 28.6% compared to 18.3% in England & Wales.

This places considerable extra strain on both our council and NHS services; this was neither acknowledged nor financially supported by the last Conservative government leading to cuts having to be made both to these services and others essential to the well-being of our residents."

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FoodBanks in Swanage and Purbeck

The Swanage Foodbank and the place of foodbanks in our society

Increasingly many working families in Dorset rely on Foodbanks.  It’s a travesty this situation exist and is seen as normal by this government’ Nick Ireland

The unspoken manifesto of the Conservative Party has always been to make the rich richer, which often makes the poor poorer.  They have indisputably succeeded in doing this during their years in Government.  The wealth distribution of the UK is such that the top 10% hold the majority of wealth e.g. the wealthiest 1% hold 20% of all the wealth in the UK. 

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Introduction to Nick

Introducing Nick Ireland : Your Next MP     

I know and love South Dorset, its the place I live and work.

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Meet Nick in Swanage

Come and Meet Nick Ireland your Liberal Democrat candidate for the South Dorset in the General Election


Election in December

Nick Ireland is an experienced local councillor and the Leader of the Opposition on the Dorset Council.  

Nick proposed that Dorset Council declare a climate change emergency and is active on Green issues.  

Vote for Nick Ireland to:

🇪🇺 Stop Brexit
🌿 Fight the climate crisis
🏥 Fund our public services
🗳 Reform our politics
😃 Create a fairer society

The Liberal Democrats are standing on a platform of open, progressive, international radical reform.

Nick Ireland lives in the constituency and has brought up his family in South Dorset.

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Why we're clear about Revoke A50


Now is the time to REMAIN AND REGAIN CONTROL of our country to ensure that people and nations work together for a mutual benefit.  We are clear that we are the REMAIN party.  We are the political home for people who want to remain part of a reformed European Union. 

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Nick Ireland LibDem Candidate for South Dorset MP

Local campaigner Nick Ireland has been selected as the prospective parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats in South Dorset.
Nick was selected on the 7th September following meetings of local members of the Liberal Democrats in Swanage and Weymouth.
At the meetings he told members that South Dorset needs a member of parliament who cares about local issues and local people.  "Parents should have a choice" he said "over which school their children can attend.  In too many areas now, there are only academy run schools in the neighborhood.  Local management of a school is not an available option for most parents. Academies expel pupils too readily to massage their performance figures."
" We have insufficient numbers of police, drug problems which need managing and poor care for the elderly which the government turns a blind eye to."  He added that there are eight members of parliament for Dorset all of whom are Tory and don't challenge the government over insufficient funding for essential local services.  "Is it a coincidence that an octopus has eight limbs and it too is spineless?"  he added.
Nick Ireland lives in Osmington and is chairman of Osmington Parish Council.  He represents Crossways on Dorset Council where he is leader of the Liberal Democrat group of 29 councillors.

Jo Swinson - New Leader

Why I joined the Liberal Democrats

New Liberal Democrat MP Chuka Umunna reveals why he has joined.

By Chuka Umunna

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