Demand More from Local Government in Dorset

The Liberal Democrats are the only strong alternative to the Conservatives on the new Dorset Council. The Liberal Democrats have a proud record of standing up for our area. Our team across Dorset are determined to get a better deal for you and your family.

We are campaigning for:

We will create a Council that Listens.  A new Council that devolves power, decision-making and finance to our towns and parishes, that puts fairness for all of Dorset’s residents at the heart of what it does and that recognises we must do far more to protect and enhance our environment.

The Conservatives have spent the last eight years cutting valuable services that our residents need, slashing the bus network and increasing rural isolation, undermining our libraries and youth services and attacking budgets that support SEND children and families.  Austerity has gone too far and must be brought to an end.

With our large and growing elderly population, Dorset must have more support in providing health care and care services for the elderly.  If we ran Dorset Council we would not tire in our efforts to get central government to recognise its responsibilities and fund Dorset fairly.

In 2018 Dorset County Council received £21.4 million less than the average rural County!  That’s even after excluding the major cities.

Below are out policies in each area of Local Government:

Education & Schools

Health & Social Care

The Environment


Transport & Roads

Safer Communities Housing Local Communities


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