Liberal Democrats Demand Better for our Communities

Liberal Democrats believe in Localism. 

Handing greater powers

  • down to Town and Parish Councils where they wish
  • for them, devolving local sources of revenue (particularly car parks), and
  • creating Area Committees of Dorset Councillors to make as many decisions as
  • possible within the new Council at the most local level possible.

In contrast the Conservatives have decided not to have any ‘localism’ except for three huge Planning Boards. Ours in Swanage includes Wimborne and then Alderholt.  This is not good enough.

We are convinced that decisions are best taken by those who know their own local community and are involved in it on a daily basis.  We are certain this will improve the quality of public services that are provided and ensure that limited resources are used most cost effectively in providing what local residents actually want.  We will work closely with voluntary groups and charities who often have skills and knowledge that is lacking in the public sector.

Already there are clear signs from the establishment of the Shadow Executive that local Conservatives do not share our commitment to devolving decision-making and are centralising power in the hands of just a few people.

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