If Richard Drax wins you lose

If Boris Johnson wins on Thursday, you lose. His destructive Brexit plan will damage our country and must be stopped. Boris Johnson cares more about himself than the future of our country and he cannot be trusted. He has lied to parliament, lied to the Queen and he is lying to you.

If Richard Drax wins on Thursday, you lose. Richard Drax supports a no deal Brexit which he will continue to push for when we hit the next cliff edge in 2020, as Boris Johnson attempts to negotiate a trade agreement with our friends in the EU. Richard Drax will probably continue to frustrate any Brexit agreement, leading to more uncertainty and delay.
Every extra Liberal Democrat MP will give Jo Swinson a stronger hand to stop the Conservatives. The Liberal Democrats can win here and oust Richard Drax but we need your vote.
The Liberal Democrats are the only party who would secure a £50bn Remain Bonus for the UK economy over the next five years. This would enable the Liberal Democrats to invest heavily in our public services and tackle inequality.
Independent analysis of party manifestos by the Resolution Foundation shows that poorerhouseholds would be better off under the Liberal Democrats than under Labour or the Conservatives.
The Liberal Democrats are the only party who can take this seat from the Conservatives in South Dorset. Voting for the Liberal Democrats is the only way to stop Boris Johnson getting a majority on Thursday.

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