Liberal Democrats demand more from our NHS

Liberal Democrats have campaigned and raised concerns about travel times and lack of ambulances.  Our Liberal Democrat colleagues in Dorset Council were instrumental in asking the Secretary of State to review the decision to Close Poole A&E because of the risks to life through greater distances travelled.  We await his decision with interest.

Councils have a statutory duty (e.g. legal) to provide funding for residents assessed as requiring residential/nursing care.  Most of the costs of their care may be met by the council, in other words, funding comes out of the council tax we pay. 

Social care remains a national crisis.   Liberal Democrats believe that Social Care should be funded by Central Government as is the NHS.  Adding 1P on Income Tax and dedicating that extra money to the NHS and Social Care would help the situation.  We will continue to lobby Government for a change in policy so that Dorset Council can concentrate its efforts on providing local services for people.  

Dorset has a shockingly high number of children in care.  With the closure of all of Dorset’s children’s homes increasing numbers of young people are being placed outside the County.  This does not put the child first and is expensive and disruptive for affected families.  We will look into opening a new special unit in the county that will put the children’s interest first.

See the Liberal Democrats plan for the NHS here

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