Climate Change

CLIMATE CHANGE - opinion piece by Gillian Calvin Thomas of the Swanage LibDems.

It is said that Nero fiddled whilst watching Rome burn. Have we been turning a blind eye as our planet begins to burn? Having seen the news of extreme weathers experienced by people across the world – yes, I believe we have. To limit global warming we will need a near total renewable power system by 2050 to limit global warming to 1.5C. That is just to limit it.
On 15th March 2019, 2083 climate change protests were registered across 125 countries. What is humbling is that these protests were planned and led by young people – children who want to live in a green and habitable world, whilst their elders and politicians are slowly, slowly woken up to the threat.
Here in the UK our politicians have been bogged down with Brexit, but that is no excuse for continuing their policy to encourage fracking, and the slowing down of investment into renewable energy. Then we have the right wing politicians, the climate change deniers – it beggars belief that the current populist President of the USA pursues policies that will speed up climate change.
Writing as an older person, I know that as climate change takes greater hold on the planet it will not affect me, I can’t live forever. My grandchildren and great grandchildren will be left with our legacy. We need to act now, by joining our children in protesting, by holding our politicians to account and by doing all we can individually to change wasteful habits.
I am a strong believer in Europe and the European Union but I also realise that in the years to come, whether we are in or out of the Union, we have to work in partnership with our neighbours to develop new technologies and new ways of fuelling our homes and industry. As the children have said volubly, “There is no Planet B”.
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